March 25, 2017

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The Organizing Committee invites you to participate in the IV International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists «Modern problems of geophysics, engineering seismology and earthquake engineering», to be held on October 12 – 14, 2018 in Tsaghkadzor (Republic of Armenia).

The Conference is dedicated to the 110-th anniversary of academician A. Nazarov, the founder of the Institute, also – 30 years after the Spitak earthquake on December 7, 1988.


Purpose of the Conference:

Exchange of research results on modern problems of geophysics; theoretical and applied problems of engineering seismology and earthquake engineering; geophysical instrument engineering; scientific and technical and innovation information.

Conference topics:

  • 1. Geophysics
    • * study of the deep structure of the Earth;
    • * physics of the earthquake source;
    • * modern geodynamic processes;
    • * seismicity and seismic regime;
    • * earthquake precursors;
    • * ore geophysics;
    • * engineering geophysics and geoecology;
    • * geomagnetism and paleomagnetism.
  • 2. Engineering Seismology
    • * seismic risk and hazard assessment;
    • * soil fluctuations during strong movements;
    • * engineering analysis of earthquake consequences.
  • 3. Earthquake engineering
    • * theory and practice of seismic resistant construction;
    • * improvement of design standards for seismic resistant buildings and structures.
  • 4. Geophysical instrument engineering, GIS technologies
    • * geophysical device development
    • * application of GIS technologies in geophysical data processing tasks.

Applications for participation in the conference should be sent to the secretariat on
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select the materials received.
The deadline for registration and submission of materials is – July 12, 2018


Chairperson of the Conference

Karapetyan Jon – Director of IGES NAS RA, PhD


Vardanyan Gevorg ‒ Chhairman of the Council of Young Scientists
NAS RA, PhD, Armenia
Dzeboev Boris ‒ Geophysical Centre RAS, PhD, Russia
G. Mackey Kewin‒ Department of Geological Sciences Michigan State University, Geodynamics and Tectonics Faculty ‒ Earthquake Seismology, Associate Professor, USA
Malkov Dmitry ‒ Geophysical Institute VSC RAN, PhD, Russia
Chebrov Danila ‒ Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service of RAS, PhD, Russia
Aronov Vladislav ‒ SU « The Centre of Geophysical Monitoring NASB », Belarus
Tomanov Makhmut– Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists at the foundation of the 1st President of the RK- Leader of the Nation, Assoc. Professor, PhD, Kazakhstan
Karapetyan Lusine‒ National University of Architecture and Construction, PhD, Armenia
SeyedHosseinAbrehdari-Master of Science’s in the field of Physics, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran


Honorary Chairpersons

Radik Martirosyan – President of NAS RA, Academician

Honorary Vice-Chairpersons

Hambardzumyan S.A.‒ NAS RA President Advisor, NAS RA Academician
Harutyunyan S.G. ‒ Chairman of the State Committee for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, professor
Shukuryan Yu.G. ‒ Vice-president of NAS RA, Academician of NAS RA
Matevosyan G.G. ‒ Academician- Secretary of the RA National Academy of Sciences, corresponding member. NAS RA
Tavadyan L.A.- Academician- Secretary of the department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences NAS RA, Academician NAS RA
Gvishiani A.D. ‒ Director of GC RAS, Academician of RAS
Starostenko V.I. ‒ Director of the Institute of Geophysics of NAS of Uzbekistan, Academician of NAS of RU
Negmatulayev S.Kh. – Director of GS NAS RT, Academician of NAS RT
Hovhannisyan S.M. Director advisor IGES NAS RA, Corresponding Member of NAS RA
Meliksetyan Kh.B. Director of the Institute of Geology of NAS RA. Dr. Sci.
Zaalishvili V.B. ‒ Interim Executive Director of CGI VSC RAS. Dr. Sci., professor
Tikhotsky S.A. ‒ Director of IPE RAS, Dr. Sci., Corresponding Member of RAS
Malovichko A.A. ‒ Director of GS RAS, Corresponding Member of RAS
Mikhaylova N.N. – Head of KNDC, Dr. Sci.,
Aronov A.G. – Director of the State University “Center for Geophysical Monitoring of NAS of Belarus”
Saryeva G.Ch.- Director of the Institute of Seismology of the RT, professor
Simonyan A.G. – Rector of Yerevan State University of Armenia, corresponding member. NAS RA
Galstyan G.Sh.‒ Rector of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, Dr. Sci., professor
Mariqyan V.Z.‒ Rector of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia, professor


Scientific Committee of the Conference:

Corresponding Member NAS RA S. Hovhannisyan (editor), PhD J. Karapetyan (deputy editor), Academician of NAS RA B. Karapetyan, Academician of NAS RA E. Khachiyan, Academician of NAS RA R.Dzhbarshyan, Dr.Sc., professor R.Minasyan, Corresponding Member of RAS A. Solovyov, Dr.Sc., P. Shebalin, Corresponding Member RAS V. Utkin, Corresponding Member NAS GEO G. Gabrichidze, Dr.Sc., V. Burmin, Dr.Sc. V. Ogadzhanov, Dr.Sc., L. Khamidov, Dr.Sc. S.Idarmachev, Associate Professor Kewin G. Mackey, Dr.Sc., A. Tamrazyan, Dr.Sc., A. Avetisyan, Dr.Sc., A. Simonyan, Dr.Sc., L. Hakhverdyan, PhD K. Karapetyan, PhD V. Grigoryan, PhD E. Gedakyan, PhD J. Minasyan, PhD M. Mkrtchyan, PhD H. Hovhannisyan, PhD S. Karapetyan, PhD T. Babayan, PhD D. Mkhitaryan.


Organizing committee address

3115, V. Sargsyan 5, Gyumri, Republic of Armenia Institute of Geophysics and Engineering Seismology NAS RA

Contact Us

Jon Karapetyan: director IGES NAS RA, cand. in geol. sci.

Tel: (+374 312) 3-12-61, (+374 94) 79-85-80
Fax: (+374 312) 3-12-61,